Cabo Fish Taco

Get ready! I’m about to inundate you with Charlotte restaurant reviews as I rap up my 2011 restaurant challenge. Today’s topic: Cabo Fish Taco.

Located in the heart of NoDa is the always popular Cabo Fish Taco! I thought this was a home grown true Charlotte restaurant but in searching google for a picture, there is another location in Blacksburg, VA.  I have tried to go several times but each time there has been a 2 hr wait (not exaggerating!) I thought to myself this place must be awesome if it is always slammed.

One rainy Monday night this fall Kathryn and I tried to eat dinner at the Crepe Cellar in NoDa but found out that it is not open on Monday’s. Since we were already crowded under an umbrella we decided to hop across the street and see if Cabo had an opening. To our surprise we were seated immediately!

Hot Dog! Or in this case Hot Taco! This was to be our night! But in reality we left disappointed. The highlight was the Margaritas, which they offered a healthy variety. We both had the “Signature Tacos.” I think I had beer battered white fish and for the life of me I cannot remember what meat Kitty selected. They were marginal at best. Since announcing that I’m not a Cabo fan everyone has told me we got the wrong thing. Why do you call it your “signature dish,” if its not the best thing on the menu? Also our service was par at best. We even saw our server gawk at the tip the table beside us left. If I opened my own restaurant I would encourage patrons to only tip for over the top accommodations. Isn’t that what a tip is for? Not because you did your job and refilled my drink! I digress. I think we visited Cabo in September and haven’t even thought of going back. If I missed out on what the hype is all about I don’t know if I will ever figure it out! I’m taking the approach that I’ve been there, crossed it off my list, and am ready for the next great eat in front of me!

I’m linking up with Urbanspoon again to have my second published restaurant review!
Cabo Fish Taco Baja Seagrill on Urbanspoon

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