BBQ King

BBQ King marked the 2nd drive-in in our 2011 Restaurant Eats!And Resturant #10 that can be marked off the list!

BBQ King was added to the list after we saw it on the Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. It is not in the best neighborhood in Charlotte, but it is close to my work. I will also warn you that they are not open on Sundays or Mondays and take cash only.

We drove-in and found a friendly car-hop to take our order. The menu was a daunting and we have learned to ask what the best thing on the menu is. He told us that Guy’s favorite was the BBQ chicken, so we ordered one white and one dark, and choose 2 different sides: onion rings and fries.

My overall ratings: It’s still awkward to eat in your car. Especially this meal! There was no drum stick so I felt like I needed to cut up the chicken with a fork and knife. It would have been much more appealing to have ordered it to go! The chicken was good, the BBQ is vinegar based. The onion rings were just like I like them! Had the perfect bite and didn’t have the slime that craws out of the breading. I might go back but its not a place I want to go every weekend! A good bang for your money. All that is pictured and a drink for $8 and wonderful service!

I’m linking up again with Urban Spoon in my quest to be discovered as the next great food critc. Ha! Bar-B-Q King on Urbanspoon

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