Dish marks the 11th stop on the “to Eat in 2011” list.

Kathryn, Drew, and I ventured over there one Saturday morning for brunch. An excellent selection of breakfast combos while serving their full lunch and dinner menu. Note they serve their breakfast menu until 3, so you don’t have to make it out of bed too early! This was the perfect brunch place for me. As someone who is allergic to eggs breakfast only places do nothing for me. So while the neighbors enjoyed sausage and gravy biscuits and eggs benedict, I had a delicious chicken and dumplings. The rue was not watery and the dumplings were supple. A side of hashbrown casserole to top it off made me want to come back every week! (A side note Drew and Kathryn had no idea what was in hashbrown casserole. What a crisis! While I couldn’t give them an exact answer I was able to convince them to give them a try and they loved them!)

There was also a bloody mary bar which is never my favorite. The base they provided was tomato juice. Come on bar tenders I need a little help here! At least give me a bottle of zing zang. After dumping a little bit of every spice, sauce, and other ingredient provided I ended up with a not so awesome beverage. I’m all for leaving the mixology for the professionals. Dish on Urbanspoon

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