Cajun Queen

Here is the official kick off of my “To Eat in 2012” review. First stop the Cajun Queen. True to its name this is a Cajun style restaurant that celebrates all the great things of New Orleans.

The restaurant is located in an old house with the main dining room chopped up in the front and right side of the house and the kitchen in the back left. Upstairs is a bar and band area where live jazz music plays 7 nights a week. On a funny note when we asked the bar tender if he had any specials he politely informed us that he had specialty drinks but no drinks at a special price.

Our occasion for going out to dinner was my birthday and Kathryn planned this occasion with Drew, Anni, and Jay. We were seated downstairs and enjoyed Diane with crawfish, Creole with shrimp and Etouffee with shrimp and chicken. I had the Crawfish and it was super spicy. So much that I alternated each bite with bread and was nervous that I was beginning to sweat. Over all a great one dish with rice and vegetables. Very filling and I had leftovers for lunch at another time.

While I don’t know if I will plan to go again anytime soon it was a fun experience and with the help of a groupon the price wasn’t over the top. I would recommend to go with a group no more than six. The dining rooms are like rooms of a house and anymore may be hard to hear and enjoy everyone! Cajun Queen on Urbanspoon

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